FAQ - Frequently asked questions


Is there a minimum age for renting?

Yes, the minimum age of the renter is 18 years.

Is wild camping permitted in Portugal?
Yes, wild camping is tolerated in Portugal. Until now there have never been problems with wild camping, whether on the beach, in the city or in the forest. There are even specially marked parking lots for free camping.

Automobile clubs members?
We recommend you to get a motor travel insurance if you don’t have one already. They are cheap and in case of a problem will save you a lot of stress, whether at home or on vacation. The service network in Portugal is well developed and reliable. Locally, of course we will help you as best we can.

Which driving license is required?
For all of our campers the Class 3 driving license is sufficient. The new license category B is only suitable for vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of up to 3,500 kg. For vehicles over 3,500 kg GVW category C1 driving license is required.

Is there a minimum rental period? 
Yes, the minimum rental period is 6 nights.

There is a specific date to pick-up and return the camper?

Yes, the pick-up is always at Sunday after 12 PM and the delivery is always on Saturday before 12 PM.

Are all kilometers included? 
Yes, up to 150 km per day. € 0,35 will be charged for each additional kilometer

Are pets allowed?
Taking pets is only permitted by prior arrangement and written confirmation from the rental company. Transporting an animal can lead to increased repair and/or cleaning costs!

How much is the security deposit? 
Without exception, the security deposit is €500 for the “Free Spirit” Camper, per rental. We do not accept cheques; only cash or successful bank transfer to our account are accepted.

What are the rental terms?
Our rental terms are identical to the terms and conditions on our website. They comply with legal guidelines and are comparable with the terms and conditions of all major international car rental companies.

How are the campers insured?
The campers are insured in accordance with the applicable insurance conditions as follows: Liability insurance: property and financial damages up to € 40 million; injury for each injured person max. € 3 million.
We do not provide fully comprehensive or partial coverage. All our vehicles are insured with the standard motor third party liability insurance. Fully comprehensive or partial coverage for rental vehicles is outrageously expensive and only worth it for new cars. As the deductible for fully comprehensive coverage is in general 1000€ it does not make sense for our cars. Offering this kind of service would nearly double our prices. We appreciate your understanding.

Is smoking permitted in the campers?
No, all our campers are non-smoking vehicles.

How about cleaning the camper?

The final cleaning of the camper is not included in the price. You can book an external service if you do not want to do the cleaning yourself. Please note that for the camper “Free Spirit”, an optional extra costs (40€) will be charged for cleaning the interior and exterior, and a mandatory cost (30€) for the cleaning through high-temperature cleaning programs of all bedding, bathroom linen and kitchen utensils