Rental Terms and Conditions

For your and our safety all our details and terms and conditions comply with German/Portuguese law. If any provision of this Agreement violates a mandatory statutory provision, it will be replaced by the corresponding Portuguese statutory rule.


1. Reservations, rescission and compensation for damages

Reservations are binding only after written confirmation by the renting company. If the agreed (unless otherwise agreed, no. 3 and 5 of these rental conditions apply) advance payment on the rental and / or the security deposit is not provided as agreed by the renter, the renting company may terminate the contract and claim damages for the resignation of the renter according to the following regulation.


The rental company is not obliged to provide the vehicle without paid deposit and / or advance payment.


In case of the renter’s rescission of the contract or wrongful cancellation before the agreed upon start date of the rental, the renter is obliged to pay the following amounts of the agreed rent according to the rental agreement: Rescission/unjustified cancellation more than 90 days before arrival: 10%; 31 - 90 days before arrival: 20 %; 11 - 30 days before arrival: 50%; 10 days or less before arrival: 90%. If the vehicle is not picked up, the rental company is entitled to the full rent.


If the rental company can prove higher losses, the compensation (rent/share of rent) for non-pickup or rescission/unjustified cancellation will figure higher. It is to be set lower or waived if the renter can prove lower or entirely missing losses. The renter is entitled to appoint a substitute renter that the renting company may reject for important reasons. If the substitute renter enters the rental contract under the same conditions and fulfils the conditions of the contract there is no obligation to prorate pay or compensation.


In case of losses caused to the rental company due to late return or because of damage to the vehicles caused by the renter (eg damage claims of the subsequent renter/loss of rent, etc.) the rental company reserves the right to claim damages against the renter. There is no agreement by the rental company to the automatic conversion into a lease for an indefinite period with continued use. Independently thereof, in any case, a compensation for use beyond the agreed rental period must be paid, which is based on the agreed rent.


If the vehicle is returned before the agreed return date, the full agreed price is to be paid nevertheless, unless the rental company can otherwise rent the vehicle

2. Rental Prices

The price shall be determined by the price list applicable at the date of the conclusion of the contract.


3. Mode of Payment

The total amount , including safe deposit and extras should be paid when the client signs the contract and pick-up the van.


4. Security deposit

As security for the return of the vehicle in an undamaged and clean condition, a deposit of € 500 must be paid at the start of the rental period.  This is always €500, unless otherwise agreed by contract, otherwise the vehicle can not be handed out. Before the vehicle handover a description of the condition of the vehicle is made in which all existing damage is recorded. The full deposit is repaid upon proper return of the vehicle in an undamaged condition, exclusive of the damage recorded in the description of the vehicle’s condition completed at vehicle handover. After the vehicle’s return the rental company has 7 days to determine the amount of damage if the vehicle is returned with damage caused by the renter. The deposit less the amount of damage will only then be transferred back to the account of the renter.

5. Takeover and Return

The vehicle is to be taken over by the renter at the agreed date at the offices of the rental company or at the agreed place of delivery. At the end of the rental period the renter is obliged to return the vehicle in a completely clean state at the offices of the rental company or at the agreed place of delivery during the agreed times. No refunds are made for early delivery of the vehicle. If the vehicle is not returned to the agreed location at the agreed time, the rental company will charge € 27 for each hour or part thereof, up to a maximum of the full daily rent price for each late day. In case of losses caused to the rental company due to late return or because of damage to the vehicles caused by the renter (eg damage claims of the subsequent renter, loss of rent due to delayed or canceled rent by the subsequent renter, etc.), the rental company reserves the right to claim damages against the renter. There is no agreement by the rental company to the automatic conversion into a lease for an indefinite period with continued use.


The vehicle is to be returned by the renter in a clean (complete interior, including cabinets, upholstery, kitchen block, water tank, windows and driver's area) and refueled condition. If the cleaning is incompletely or only partially done, the renter has to pay the cleaning fee as determined by the price list applicable at the date of the conclusion of the contract, which is explicitly part of the contract in this respect. 

6. Driving Authorization

The camper may not be moved on public roads if the renter does not have a valid driver's license, there is a driving ban or the driver is temporarily disqualified. The age of the renter and driver must be at least 18 years and the driver must have had his or her driving license for at least 2 years. A Class 3 or German Class B driving license is required for camper vans. The permissible gross vehicle weight of the camper vans is up to 3.5t. The vehicle may only be driven by the renter or the driver specified in the contract. For the duration of the rental period, the renter shall be deemed owner of the vehicle. The renter is prohibited from using the vehicle for participation in motor sport events and vehicle tests, to transport easily inflammable, explosive, radioactive, toxic or otherwise dangerous substances, to commit customs offenses or other criminal acts, even if only punishable under the law of the place where it was committed, for rental, hire or other commercial purposes – unless explicitly agreed by contract - or for any other uses which go beyond the contractual use.  The use of the vehicle is only permitted within Portugal - use in other European countries may be agreed in writing with the rental company. For non-European countries such as Asian Turkey, Israel, Tunisia, Morocco etc. a special agreement with the rental company must be made and special insurance coverage must be obtained.

7. Duty of care and liability of the renter

From the time of delivery the renter is obligated to treat and use the camper van in the same way as an owner interested in maintaining its value would. In particular, the renter is obliged at his own expense, to secure the camper van accordingly in extreme weather conditions (eg, hail, flood, storm, heavy snowfall) and against vandalism, for example by parking in a secure place. The renter is liable without limitation for any damage to the camper arising from breach of his duty of care in accordance with the above provisions.


The renter is liable for all damage caused due to improper handling or excessive strain on the camper. To the same extent the renter is liable without fault on his part for any damage caused by his passengers, family members or other third parties. This applies even if it cannot be determined who caused the damage, or if the identity of the originator if the damage is unknown. With effect from the date of satisfaction of all claims for damages of the rental company by the renter, the rental company transfers all possible claims against third persons to the renter for the purpose of making them enforceable. The renter is obligated to treat the vehicle with care and to follow carefully the operating instructions and technical rules of the vehicle as well as all installed devices etc., observe the relevant maintenance terms and lock the vehicle properly. In particular, the renter is obliged to comply with the existing traffic regulations of each country.


8. Liability of the owner

The rental company is entitled to refuse the performance/service if it is not possible. This is particularly the case when the camper has been damaged before the start of the rental period by a traffic accident or force majeure due to a natural phenomenon in such a way that it is no longer fit for use, and repair or replacement before the start of the rental period is impossible or would require an effort grossly disproportionate to the renter’s interest, under consideration of the rental period and the agreed total price and the principles of good faith. In this case, claims for damages against the rental company - for whatever legal reason - are excluded, unless the rental company is guilty of gross negligence or intent. However, the rental company is obliged to return all payments received to the renter immediately. The rental company is not liable for damages to the renter, passenger or co-users, unless it is responsible for the damage through gross negligence or intentional actions.


9. Fees and Fines

The renter is liable for all fees, fines, penalties and taxes incurred in connection with the use of the vehicle, unless they have been caused by the rental company. If there are any fines for speeding or illegal parking, and/or undisclosed accidents/damage to the vehicle at the time of return, the rental company reserves the right to charge the renter these costs plus a fee and/or to charge his credit card.

10. Technical and design changes

The renter may not make any technical changes to the vehicle. The renter is not entitled to alter the appearance of the vehicle, including paint, adhesive films or stickers.


11. Accident, damage, maintenance and repair.

In the event of a traffic accident, unless it is merely a minor accident which does not significantly limit the usability of the camper, both parties are entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect without notice. In case of accidents, breakdowns, problems or technical difficulties, the renter is obliged to immediately inform the rental company. Important: If the renter does not immediately inform the rental company and thus does not give the rental company the opportunity to correct the situation, there is no entitlement to any compensation. The costs of current upkeep, e.g. fuel of the rental vehicle, are borne by the renter. The costs of maintenance and wear and tear repairs are borne by the rental company. In case of failure of the camper by wear and tear, the rental company is obligated to take care of the repair as soon as possible. The rental company has no obligation to provide a replacement. It cannot be sued for damages or compensation. For the missing time period the renter gets his rental fee refunded.


In road accidents, the police must always be called immediately, their arrival at the scene must be awaited, and their instructions be obeyed. All existing evidence must be secured. No declarations regarding the question of guilt shall be made to other parties involved in the accident. However, the renter must immediately give the rental company a responsible, truthful representation, naming witnesses if possible.


In the event of an accident through no fault of the renter, the compensation claim can only be withdrawn if the accident report has been completed, the question of fault has been resolved and the opposing insurance has paid. Until that time the deposit shall be forfeited. For each accident, the deductible will be determined separately. If there is an accident with uninsured motorists or a hit and run, the renter is always liable for the amount of the deductible. The deductible is independent of the question of guilt and is payable by the renter to the rental company. If the costs are reimbursed to the rental company by a third party, the deductible will be refunded. Extent of liability in case of occurrence of a loss: The renter is liable for all self-induced damage to the interior and exterior, such as glass or tire damage, dents or scratches due to stone chipping, burglary etc.


Damage caused to the technology of the vehicle due to proven negligence is borne by the renter. For example, bent steering linkage, torn or broken oil pan or exhaust due cross-country driving etc. Damage to the underbody has to be paid in full.  General Portuguese insurance conditions apply. In case of negligence the renter is liable for the loss of rent plus towing costs for the complete rental period. This restriction does not apply to intent and gross negligence. The renter is fully liable for damage in or on the vehicle which the renter has caused by intentional or negligent acts and which is not covered by an insurance payment


The renter is liable without limitation for all damage to the vehicle due to operating errors during the rental period. In case of loss of the vehicle, the renter is obligated to reimburse the vehicle value recorded in the contract by bank transfer to the rental company within 10 days. All vehicles are equipped with a manual immobilizer.


12. Insurance cover.

Any insurance is void in case of violation of the rental and contract terms! All water and salt water damage caused through own fault is excluded from coverage. The insurance will not pay for damages associated with the contact of the vehicle with salt water or if the vehicle gets stuck in water. Personal property damaged or lost in an accident or due to theft is not insured. The following cases are excluded from any coverage, and the renter is fully liable for any damage to the rented vehicle or third party property:


Damage caused by breaking down in water

Damage caused by salt water

Damage caused by not following the load regulations

Damage caused by acts contrary to the terms of the lease (such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs) and / or gross negligence

Damages caused by the use the wrong fuel or by not refilling water, oil etc. and/or by disregarding warning signals in the vehicle

Damage caused by failure to observe the vehicle dimensions (height, width), the roof (including TV antennas) and underbody

Broken glass (front window, headlights, other glass)

Tire damage which is not due to normal wear

Costs for repairs and towing by driving on prohibited roads or in restricted areas

Costs of recovering or towing of vehicles that are stuck through the fault of the renter

Cost of ignition keys lost or locked in the vehicle

13. Smoking / Pets
Smoking is not permitted in the vehicles; all vehicles are non smoking vehicles. Infringement is punishable by charges of up to € 300. Taking animals is prohibited; exceptions must be agreed in writing with the owner.


14. Choice of law, jurisdiction, other
The parties agree to the application of European law for their mutual legal relations arising from this contract. Responsible shall be the court in which the rental company has its general place of jurisdiction, unless the district court in which the rented vehicle is located has exclusive jurisdiction. If any provision of this Agreement violates a mandatory statutory provision, it will be replaced by the corresponding legal provisions.


15. Fuel costs.

The vehicle is handed over to the renter with a full fuel tank. The motor is filled with engine oil according to manufacturer specifications. During the rental period the renter bears all costs for fuel, engine oil and operating fluids. If the vehicle is returned with a partially emptied  fuel tank, fuel costs will be charged at 2€ per liter of missing fuel plus a refueling fee of 10€.


16. Service fee and cleaning.

In order to ensure proper cleaning through high-temperature cleaning programs of all bedding, bathroom linen and kitchen utensils, there is a fixed, mandatory fee of € 30.

For the remaining interior and exterior cleaning of the camper, there is an optional fee of € 40, if the user chooses not to clean the camper.


17. Gas supply of the camper.

The camper is handed over to the renter with a fully filled gas cylinder. If there is insufficient supply of gas for the entire rental period, it is the responsibility of the renter to refill or exchange the gas bottle at his own expense. Remaining gas supply at the time of return of a vehicle will not be refunded by the rental company


18. Transfer

The transfer service from and to the Faro Airport, train-station, bus-station or any other location within the region of Faro will be assured by an independent company and there is a cost of €22,5 each way. 

For a reservation of two or more weeks, the transfer service is free of charge.